Advanced Mixed-Signal


Sensing & Conversion

Measuring and converting digital voltages, currents, and data from embedded or external sensors is essential for modern integrated circuits. This capability supports applications, enhances observability of internal circuitry, and reduces test time. Canova Tech’s IP is widely used in these innovative chips, ensuring accurate measurements and efficient performance. Our ADC IP features a wide range of resolutions and speed rates, always equipped with a highly accurate analog front end to condition the signal. These capabilities ensure precise measurement and conversion, making our ADC IP ideal for modern integrated circuits in various applications. With Canova Tech’s solutions, you achieve reliable and efficient performance, meeting the demands of cutting-edge technology.

Power Management

Every integrated circuit application has unique power needs based on its power source, operating modes, and efficiency requirements. Canova Tech’s IP solutions are designed to meet these demands, helping modern electronics reduce power consumption and boost efficiency. Our portfolio includes buck/boost DCDC converters, linear regulators, and auxiliary power management blocks like POR/ULVO, as well as dedicated power management for start-up and operation modes, including sleep and deep-sleep. We customize these IPs for each specific application. Widely used in consumer electronics, industrial automation, automotive, and IoT applications, our IP solutions enhance device performance and longevity. Trust Canova Tech for tailored, efficient, and reliable power management solutions.

Auxiliary Blocks

Every integrated circuit requires precise voltage, current, and time references tailored to specific applications. Additionally, monitoring the silicon process, including transistor speed and leakage, is crucial. Canova Tech’s IPs are designed to meet these precise specifications and can be customized for any application. Our IPs are widely used in the industry, providing reliable performance and accurate monitoring capabilities. By ensuring tailored solutions for voltage, current, and time references, as well as silicon process monitoring, Canova Tech’s IPs support the development of advanced, high-performance integrated circuits. Trust Canova Tech for innovative, application-specific IP solutions that enhance the functionality and reliability of your integrated circuits.