CT23301 provides means to determine the process corner speed of some pre-defined MOS devices in the TSMC 28n technology node.

The process corner (fast or slow) can be evaluated using the measured output value of CT23301 to calculate the frequency result, which has to be compared with a defined table.

The IP has been designed to have the capability of monitoring both core NMOS or PMOS process corner for the ultra-low Vt, standard Vt and high Vt devices.

The ring oscillators (one for each of the selected DUTs) are connected to digital part which is composed of 2 counters and a finite-state machine (FSM), which enables the oscillator of the device under test (DUT) and properly controls the counters to perform the frequency measure of the selected oscillator.

The output result is a value proportional to the frequency of the DUT oscillator.


  • Supply 0.9V
  • SVT, HVT and ULVT P and N devices


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