CT22105 is a 12-bit Pipeline ADC with single-ended to fully differential Sample and Hold and integrated Voltage and Current reference.

Internal voltage references are derived from 1.8V with an internal resistor divider, filters and buffers. Current reference is generated using external 1% resistor. The ADC can work at 4.8Msps or 32Msps rate; current consumption and performances will vary accordingly.


  • 12bits, 4.8-32Msps Pipeline AD Converter
  • 0.18µm Technology
  • Supply 3.3V and 1.8V
  • Differential Input, 0-2.7V
  • 10.8bits ENOB at 32Msps
  • 11.3bits ENOB at 4.8Msps
  • 45mA supply current at 32Msps
  • 23mA supply current at 4.8Msps


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