Single-Pair Ethernet


10BASE-T1S digiPHY

The CT25205 Digital IP core provides the PMA, PCS, and PLCA Reconciliation Sublayer building blocks of a standard IEEE 802.3cg® 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Physical Layer. Written in plain Verilog 2005 HDL, it is fully synthesizable on standard cells and FPGA systems, and works with any standard IEEE CSMA/CD Clause 4 Ethernet MAC using MII. The integrated PLCA RS enables existing MAC devices to leverage advanced PLCA features without new extensions. Additionally, the PMA connects to a standard OPEN Alliance 10BASE-T1S PMD Interface. Combined with the CT25208 MAC controller and the CT25210 OPEN Alliance topology discovery IP, these solutions power Zonal Gateways SoCs and MCUs, delivering innovative 10BASE-T1S communication to the market.


By using Canova Tech’s IP cores CT25203 and CT25207, you can develop an OA TC14 specification-compliant PMD transceiver. This transceiver communicates over the OA 3-pin interface with the host MCU, Zonal Gateway Controller or Ethernet switch, which must incorporate the 10BASE-T1S digital PHY, such as the CT25205. The resulting device features a compact 8-pin package and is manufactured using high-voltage process technology, ensuring best-in-class EMC performance. This combination of Canova Tech’s IP cores provides a robust and efficient solution for developing high-performance PMD transceivers, suitable for various industrial and automotive applications requiring reliable communication and exceptional electromagnetic compatibility.


The development of a MACPHY Ethernet transceiver can be achieved in a very efficient way on high-voltage process technology, ensuring best-in-class EMC performance, by using Canova Tech’s IP cores: CT25203, CT25205, CT25208, CT25209, and CT25210. These IP cores provide a robust foundation, integrating essential components such as the Media Access Controller (MAC), PLCA Reconciliation Sublayer (RS), 10BASE-T1S PHY, and Topology Discovery feature. Leveraging these IPs ensures compliance with the IEEE 802.3cg standard, making them ideal for creating reliable industrial multi-drop Ethernet solutions. The versatility and comprehensive features of Canova Tech’s IP cores enable the seamless communication with host MCUs via the Open Alliance MACPHY SPI protocol, facilitating efficient and cost-effective MACPHY development for diverse industrial and automotive applications.