In the semiconductor market for consumer electronics, Canova Tech addresses different dynamic challenges.

Energy efficiency is essential, especially for wearables, prompting us to develop chips that conserve power to maximize battery life without sacrificing performance. With the miniaturization of powerful consumer devices, effective heat management becomes important to avoid device failure and extend lifespan, requiring advanced thermal management techniques in our designs.

Additionally, as devices become increasingly smaller, we have to focus on integration, crafting semiconductors that are not only compact but also multifunctional. By combining technological innovation with agile development practices, Canova Tech skillfully meets these complex demands, ensuring client satisfaction in a constantly evolving marketplace.


The chip, designed for digital pens powered by coin batteries, features advanced power management, a pen pressure sensor, and precise positioning sensors. Its ultra-low power technology extends battery life significantly. Ideal for stylus applications, it ensures accurate pressure sensitivity and positioning while maximizing efficiency, making it perfect for prolonged use in digital writing and drawing.


This USB Type-C Port Controller (TCPC) has been designed for devices like mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks. It supports USB PD communication, Type-C CC logic, VCONN switch, VBUS voltage monitoring/control, and USB 2.0 FS PHY. It interfaces via I2C with an Embedded Controller or CPU for device/policy management and includes a billboard device controller.