The semiconductor market for the medical sector is critically important.

As medical technology progresses, there’s an increasing need for sophisticated semiconductor solutions that make medical devices smaller, more efficient, and capable of complex functions to enhance patient care.

Canova Tech tackles several ongoing challenges in this arena.

We focus on power management to ensure devices operate effectively on limited power sources, crucial for portable medical devices. We also navigate stringent regulatory requirements, which involve rigorous quality standards and extensive testing processes.

Moreover, the reliability and accuracy of our semiconductor designs are primary, given their potential impact on patient health. Our multidisciplinary approach, combining advanced engineering, a deep understanding of clinical environments and innovative problem-solving, has led to successful medical chip designs that significantly improve patient care.


The pacemaker chip is designed for cardiac rhythm management, featuring advanced sensing and pacing capabilities. It ensures precise heart rate regulation, adapting to physiological needs with ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life. The chip includes real-time monitoring, programmable pacing modes, and wireless telemetry for remote diagnostics, offering reliable and efficient cardiac care for patients with arrhythmias.


This ASIC is assembled in a miniature, wireless, battery-free implant that monitors left atrial pressure directly within the heart. It provides real-time, high-resolution data, enabling early detection of heart failure. The chip powers up and reads the implanted pressure sensor with extremely high accuracy and transmits information via an external portable belt, which is also providing the wireless power, to the cloud, allowing remote patient monitoring and personalized treatment adjustments by physicians.