Standard IP Licensing

Welcome to our Standard IP Solutions, where we specialize in licensing high-quality IP that meets stringent international standards for automotive, industrial, and high-volume consumer markets. Our IPs are expertly crafted to operate in extreme conditions, ensuring that they meet the most demanding requirements in a variety of environments.

Our Standard IPs feature the best verification environments, which ensure robust interoperability and scalability. This enables seamless integration into global systems and devices while improving energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Each IP comes with comprehensive documentation and dedicated support, facilitating a smooth implementation process. Partner with us to leverage IP that not only meets but exceeds international standards, backed by our superior verification practices, which drive your semiconductor applications to success.

Ethernet and USB standard IPs

We excel in delivering top-tier IP that adheres to stringent international standards, supporting automotive, industrial, and high-volume consumer markets. We contribute to USB and IEEE standards, collaborate with leading innovators, provide IPs and test chips for early adopters, and ensure seamless integration and interoperability, driving success in your semiconductor applications.

We actively contribute to USB and IEEE standards, ensuring our IPs meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Our IPs and test chips are available to early adopters, facilitating the development of next-generation technologies.

We partner with leading innovators to deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive technological advancements.

We consolidate IP designs to ensure seamless integration and interoperability across diverse systems and devices.