USB and Power Delivery


USB2 Device

USB Full Speed and Low Speed devices, despite their slower communication rates, are widely used in low-cost consumer electronics and IoT devices. Their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and adequate performance ensure reliable connectivity and data transfer for everyday applications. Canova Tech’s IP enables the development of low-cost USB2 devices without needing an MCU or external components. The CT25201 USB 2.0 transceiver supports low and full-speed operations with built-in termination and a UTMI digital interface. The CT20101 oscillator provides a precise 48 MHz clock, eliminating external crystals. The CT25100 USB controller functions as a Billboard Device without an MCU, supporting bus-powered mode and efficient power management. These solutions ensure cost-effective and reliable USB device development.

Embedded USB Repeater

Advancements in semiconductor technology, such as 5nm and 3nm nodes, have enabled smaller, more efficient devices by packing more transistors into reduced areas. However, these advancements also present voltage compatibility challenges. To address this, the industry introduced Embedded USB2 (eUSB2). The CT20603 IP implements a dual-role capable eUSB2 repeater, enabling an eUSB2 PHY in SoCs to support connections with USB2.0 compliant hosts and peripherals. It supports Host, Peripheral, or Dual Role Repeater modes, facilitating communication between advanced SoCs without 3.3V support and standard USB2.0 devices. Packets are forwarded between eDP/eDN and DP/DP while preserving the required timings for eUSB2 and USB2.0 specifications.

USB Power Delivery

The USB Power Delivery protocol supports dynamic power negotiation up to 100W, flexible voltage and current levels, and video and audio signal transmission, optimizing charging efficiency and multimedia capabilities while ensuring safe power and data management. Canova Tech’s CT20601 and CT20602 IP cores enable the creation of various USB Power Delivery devices. The CT20601 offers a complete USB Type-C interface with VCONN and VBUS management, supporting dual-role ports and dead-battery operations. The CT20602, a comprehensive USB Power Delivery 3.1 Physical Layer solution, simplifies integration with Power Delivery Host Controllers, featuring Fast Role Swap and noise management. These IP cores support versatile Type-C Port Controllers, USB-PD Controllers, and USB-PD Power Management ICs, ensuring efficient power delivery and seamless communication.