Design Services

Empower your semiconductor innovations with our specialized design services. From circuit design to system integration, we deliver tailored solutions to optimize performance and accelerate time-to-market. Partner with us to bring your semiconductor visions to life.

Our design services leverage diverse business models to meet your specific semiconductor needs. Whether you require turnkey project solutions, access to proprietary IP cores, or long-term partnerships, we tailor our services to ensure optimal results. Our models include fee-for-service, project-based engagements, licensing arrangements and joint development partnerships. Each model is designed to provide flexibility, cost efficiency, and accelerated development cycles, helping you achieve market success with innovative, high-quality semiconductor products

At the edge

Our design services stretches to the edge of the semiconductor industry, from mask design of leading-edge silicon process up to highly skilled analog and mixed signal semiconductor design.

Leading-Edge Mask Design

We specialize in layout services for leading-edge semiconductor processes, ensuring precise and efficient design for advanced applications.

Analog-intensive microelectronic design

We excel in analog-intensive design, leveraging highly skilled resources to deliver precise, high-performance solutions for advanced semiconductor applications.