Patent Licensing

Leverage our standard-essential patents in single-pair Ethernet communication, licensed under Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) terms widely accepted across the industry. Our FRAND commitment, taken in front of the standard-committees, ensures you receive access to essential technology on a fair and equitable basis, promoting a competitive market landscape. This licensing approach guarantees transparency and affordability, fostering innovation while supporting industry-wide standards.

Our patented technologies are integral to industry standards, ensuring you achieve compliance, interoperability, and technical superiority.

Partner with us to integrate these critical technologies into your products, enhancing interoperability and compliance with established technical standards.

Canova Tech’s Patents

Our standard-essential patents in single-pair Ethernet communication emerges from the intensive contributions our engineers are providing on the IEEE standard committee.

IEEE 802.3cg PLCA

The entire Clause 148 of the IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1S standard (Physical-Layer Collision Avoidance) is based upon our US Patent number 10,925,o97

IEEE 803.2da D-PLCA

The entire sub-Clause 148.4.7 of the IEEE 802.3dg 10BASE-T1M standard (Dynamic-PLCA) is based upon our US Patent application number 20230135690