In the industrial sector, semiconductors power everything, from sensors to robotics. These chips work in harsh conditions such as high temperatures and electromagnetic interference, challenging us during the design process.

To combat thermal issues from high-power operations, we implement efficient thermal management solutions, ensuring devices don’t overheat and performance remains stable. Additionally, industrial applications demand not only longevity but also consistent performance over time.

We address this by incorporating extensive life testing and redundancy in our designs. Furthermore, integrating these chips into systems that blend various old and new technologies requires adaptable and configurable architectures to maintain compatibility across different standards.

In the end, each Canova Tech solution reflects our commitment to overcoming complexities.


This Asic is a versatile I/O management chip designed for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. The internal 14 bits Analog to Digital Converter interfaces with an 8-bit microprocessor via a serial bus. With 10 configurable I/O channels, it supports various input types (NTC/PTC, PT100, active probes, thermocouples) and outputs (analog, PWM, digital), ensuring flexible and precise process control.


This power optimizer DC-DC converter, integrated into the junction-box, performs per-module MPPT and performance monitoring. It maintains fixed string voltage for optimal DC-AC conversion, independent of string length or module performance. Highly efficient with over 98% conversion efficiency, the optimizer ensures reliable power management and enhances the overall performance of solar power systems.