CT22502 is a configurable 3-6bits subranging ADC working at 1GSps speed. The coarse converter that produces, at every clock cycle the Digital data used to evaluate the 3 MSB of the result and an analog residue signal to be used by the fine converters.

The C-DAC combines the input and the ADC coarse digital output to generate the residual voltage which is converted by the ADC fine to get 3 additional bits of resolution. Both C-DAC and fine ADC work at half of the frequency and are used interleaved so that a converted value is generated at each clock cycle.

ADC Calibration can be performed in two modes:

  • Auto calibration: the detected calibration code is automatically used to calibrate the ADC. This is the fastest way to calibrate the ADC but the result is affected by the noise.
  • Store/retrieve mode: the calibration is performed several times and collected Data are averaged. This mode of calibration is slow but offers some noise immunity.


  • 3-6bits, 1GSPS Sub-ranging AD Converter
  • 0.9V Supply
  • 600mV Differential Input
  • 0.7bits INL
  • 0.5bits DNL
  • 5.8bits ENOB typical
  • 36dB SNR
  • 50dB SFDR
  • 7.5mA supply current at 6 bits full speed
  • 2.7mA supply current at 3 bits full speed


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