CT22406 is a 12-bit 35 kS/s Analog to Digital converter designed to deliver best in class performances in term of power consumption. It is implemented employing SAR architecture.

A measurement Front-End section, to be customized according to the customer specifications, converts and adapt to the ADC range Voltage, Current and Temperature Sensors outputs from different ranges.

The IP includes a trimmable internal high accuracy voltage reference generator. With 65uA total current consumption the figure of merit of the ADC is 7 pJ/step.


  • Supply 3-5V
  • Internally generated 1.5V reference and supply
  • Resolution 12bit
  • Max sample rate: 35 ksps
  • Single Ended Input
  • INL = ±4 LSB
  • DNL = ±1.6 LSB (no missing codes)
  • 65uA supply current


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