CT22404 is a 14-bit 100 kS/s Analog to Digital converter designed to deliver best in class performances in term of power consumption. It is implemented with SAR architecture and offline calibration.

With 150uA total current consumption the figure of merit of the ADC is 300 fJ/step, that is at the state of the art for its frequency sampling range. The calibration time at maximum clock frequency in average mode for max precision is less than 2 ms. In case of single shot calibration it’s less than 200us.


  • 14 bits, 100KSPS SAR AD Converter
  • 0.18um Technology
  • Supply 1.8V
  • Single Ended Input, rail to rail
  • Offline Calibration
  • INL = ±2 LSB
  • DNL = ±1 LSB (no missing codes)
  • 150uA supply current


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