CT20308 is a buffered accurate reference voltage generator, including a low pass filter with an external capacitor for noise reduction and PSRR improvement. In order to achieve a total error <1%, the amplifier in the bandgap core block implements an offset cancellation circuitry.

Reference voltage thermal drift is minimized by means of 7 bits trimming so that the voltage reaches the “golden point”. Additional 6 bits are used to flatten the output thermal characteristic while performing trimming at one single temperature.

CT20308 includes reference currents generators, both using an external accurate resistor and a completely internal one tied to poly resistor values. CT20308 also includes an over temperature detection circuit and Power On Reset.


  • VDD = 2.5 ÷ 5V
  • Reference Voltage at VREF = 1.0V
  • Reference voltage accuracy: ±0.4% in high performance (HP) mode, ±1% in low performance (LP) mode
  • VREF integrated noise from 10Hz to 100kHz: <29µVrms in HP mode, <157µVrms in LP mode
  • 7 bits trimming for VREF, 6 bits trimming for temperature drift correction. Both trimmings performed at the same single temperature
  • Reference currents: 1µA ± 1.5% (typical) in HP mode, ±2.5% in LP mode
  • Current consumption: 41µA in HP mode, 22 in LP mode
  • Operating temperature: -25 ÷ 125°C


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