CT20116 is a crystal oscillator that generates a low jitter 25MHz clock by mean of either an external crystal connected between pins XTALI/REFCLK_IN and XTALO or an external reference 25/50MHz clock provided at the XTALI/REFCLK_IN pin which will be divided internally as required and buffered to be made available as internal reference clock.

The oscillator circuit is designed to drive a parallel resonance AT cut crystal with a certain drive level; this drive level is dependent by the ESR parameter. If a crystal is specified for a lower drive level (with respect to the drive level measured on the chosen crystal or simulated with a vendor-specific crystal model), a current limiting resistor should be placed in series between XTALO and the crystal.

CT20116 exhibits low jitter, high accuracy, fast rise and fall times and good driving capabilities while retaining a limited power consumption.


  • 25MHz clock output with ±100ppm accuracy
  • Rise and Fall time <6ns with maximum capacitive load of 40pF
  • Stabilization Time <9ms
  • Jitter < 20ps (3.5ps typical)
  • Maximum Current Consumption <0.65mA from 3.3V and <0.1mA from 1.8V
  • Power Down Current < 100nA at T = 150°C


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