ETA-TC1 platform is a set of silicon IPs specifically designed for small Solar Panel Cells made by a single PV diode. ETA-TC1 is Integrating the Low Voltage MPPT boost Converter plus all monitoring functions that allow a complete system to extract power from ambient illuminated as low as 200lux and hibernate when no light is present at a cost of only fen tenth of nAmps.

ETA-TC1 demonstrate the ability to extract, using a very small solar panel illuminated as low as 200lux, the power needed to fill the battery of a complex system.


  • Harvesting Unit
    • Interface with single PV Solar Cell and Ultra Low Voltage TEGs
    • Wide and Dynamic impedance matching (analog MPPT)
  • Charge Monitor and Energy storage for external capacitor, supercap, solid state or chemical battery
  • Dedicated Power Manager Unit
  • Configurable timer


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