USB-PD Digital PHY

CT20602_RTL is the Digital Section of a complete, full featured and scalable USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C PHY designed to work in bundle with the Analog Section of the PHY CT20602_AHM for the development of Type-C Port Controllers (TCPC), USB-PD Complete Controllers or custom controllers for Active Cables or USB-C embedded functions.
The CT20602_RTL is a Soft Core with Verification Environment compliant to the Standardization and implemented in the FPGA of the CT20602_EVB Evaluation System.
The IP has been designed with a very high degree of modularity thus enabling our customers to purchase it in bundle, customize it for the specific application or as separate IP blocks.
The IP has been designed in order to allow professional and fast-track synthesis/ back-end on standard CMOS libraries.
It requires two Clocks: a 100KHz Low Power Clock and a 5MHz operating Clock as well as a dedicated Reset Signal. 
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  • USB Power Delivery Transceiver with Auto GOOD-CRC and Auto Retry
  • optional Fast Role Swap fature (available soon)
  • Type-C Auto-Detect and Port-Role
  • VConn Switch control
  • VBUS Monitor (Programmable THR Comparator or TCPC 10bits ADC)
  • VBUS switch and VBUS discharge features for TCPC available soon
  • Dedicated Registers-sets and/or TCPC compliant
  • Configurable Interface to Port Manager (I2C, SPI, GPIO, or Application Bus)


  • USB-PD Controllers
  • Type-C Port Controller
  • Type-C Active Cables
  • USB Type-C devices 


  • Soft Core
  • Compliant to USB-PD R2 Standard
  • USB Power Delivery R3 Upgrades available soon