Auto Calibrating 48MHz RC Oscillator for USB Applications without External XTAL

CT20101 is a silicon proven IP available in 250nm and 180nm Globalfoundries CMOS technologies and easily portable to other processes.

CT20101 is an auto calibrating oscillator delivering a precise 48 MHz clock frequency required by any  USB1.1 or USB2.0 low and full speed USB application. It has been designed specifically to minimize the overall system bill-of-material costs and board area by not employing the expensive x-tal device. Fab trimming is required to tune a fully internal time reference (100KHz clock) and requires 4 bits.

CT20101 can be easily integrated in any USB device and it can be interfaced with the most diffused USB-PHYs and USB controllers.

For more information, 

  • 48MHz Oscillator for USB
  • 3.3V Supply
  • Auto Tuning 0.25% precision
  • USB2.0/1.1 compliant
  • Low/full speed applications
  • No external crystal
  • No external components


  • Portable devices
  • Industrial controllers
  • Medical devices
  • Toys


  • Silicon Proven in CMOS 250nm and 180nm
  • Easy portability
  • Datasheet
  • Integration guidelines
  • GDS2 and LVS Netlist
  • Footprint (.LEF)
  • Test Specifications
  • HDL and liberty model