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USB-C PHYs & Power Delivery

Since 2012, we’re actively working on the new USB Power Delivery Standard by developing original architectures and semiconductor designs in constant and close networking with the major players in this newborn industry segment.
As result of this effort, by end of 2013, we released the CT20600: the USB Power Delivery 1.3 Physical Layer, diffused in 180nm process node, and the CT26000: the USB Power Delivery 1.3 Protocol Stack in form of a C-Code, both proven to be Interoperable with other players.
Since beginning of 2014, we’re following the USB Power Delivery updates generated by the introduction of the new USB Type-C connector. The USB Power Delivery 2.0 standard has been then officially released by August 2014: we are all proud to be listed in the Companies that contributed to that. We have been contributing to the release of the Type-C Port Controller (TCPC) Specifications within the USB-IF Working Group.
We’re offering the CT20602: the silicon-proven USB Power Delivery 3.0 Physical Layer toghether with the Protocol Stack CT26000.

The entire solution is constantly updated to the new features foreseen on the incoming releases of the Standards.

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