MCU-less USB Billboard Device Controller

CT25100 is a complete USB Billboard controller IP designed according to the USB 2.0 Specifications and USB device class definition for Billboard devices Specification.
CT25100 is used to communicate with a USB Host System to provide the USB Type-C Alternate Modes supported by the Device Container.
The CT25100 includes a full featured USB2.0 Full Speed controller, an auto calibrating RC Oscillator designed for USB application to generate 48MHz without any external quartz and additional auxiliary cells including a voltage regulator, Power On Reset and internal references.
The complete solution can be validated on the CT25100 Evaluation System that can be assembled with the CT20602 Evaluation System to build a complete USB Type-C Billboard Device.

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  • CT25201 USB 2.0 Full Speed Analog PHY
  • CT25202 USB 2.0 Full Speed Digital PHY
  • CT20101 Auto-Tuning 48MHz Oscillator for USB Devices
  • Billboard Controller on RTL (MCU-less)
  • Dedicated custom design to meet customer-specific requirement


  • Type-C Device that supports Alternate Mode
  • Alternate Mode Adapter (dongles)
  • Monitors
  • Docking Stations
  • Silicon Proven Analog PHY on 180nm process
  • Billboard Protocol Stack ready
  • Entire Solution is Compliant to USB 2.0 Full-Speed, and USB device class definition for Billboard devices