MIO - Industial Sensor Platform

MIO platform is the perfect solution for advanced sensor interface management in the fields of HVAC, industrial control, home and building automation.
MIO implements programmable IO channels and a dedicated IO manager designed to match flexibility, programmability and robustness requirements on wide range of applications.

Designed to be the ideal companion chip of an external host microprocessor, each channel can be individually programmed to interface, condition all the most common sensors (NTC/PTC/PT1000, Active and ratiometric Probes,  and Thermocouple) and drive actuators. 
The internal AD converter and the IO manager permit to perform complex activities like sensor conditioning and sensor measurements.
  • 12V and 3.3V Supply
  • True rail to rail input compliance
  • Probe conditioning by means of single ended and differential PGAs
  • 14bit AD Converter
  • Sub-ranging for resolution improvement
  • 8bit DAC, 0-10V Analog Output
  • 3.3V PWM Output, 10mA current capability
  • Zero-Crossing input for PWM synchronization
  • IO channel can be configured as:
    • Input for NTC/PTC/PT1000/PT100)
    • Input for Active Probes 4/20mA and 0/20mA
    • Input for Active Probes 0/1V, 0/5V and 0/10V
    • Input for Ratiometric Probes 0/5V
    • Differential Input for Thermocouple J and K
    • Digital and PWM output
    • Analog Output 0-10V
    • Fast Digital Input with integrated Capture
    • Digital Input Not Optoisolated
  • -40°C to 105°C Temperature Range
  • Internal IO protection for external BOM reduction
  • EN 61000-4-6 surge-burst-rf disturbance immunity
  • MIL 883 2KV ESD compliant
  • EIA/JEDS 74 latch up compliant
  • QFN48 package 7x7mm .5mm pitch
  • HVAC appliance
  • Industrial control
  • Home & Building automation
  • IO expander
  • Silicon-Proven and fully qualified
  • In mass-production
  • Single/in bundle IP deliverables
  • Application Notes
  • Guidelines