The CT25209 Digital IP core implements the MACPHY SPI protocol defined by the “OPEN Alliance TC6 Serial 10BASE-T1x MACPHY Interface specifications”.

The top-level block exposes an industry-standard, slave Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) towards an host controller such as a microprocessor or an Ethernet switch. On the other end, the CT25209 features a proprietary FIFO-like MAC Client interface (TX/RX) which can be easily adapted to many existing Ethernet MAC IPs or connected directly to the CT25208 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC IP.

The RTL code is written in plain Verilog 2005 HDL, and it is fully synthesizable on standard cells and FPGA systems. The CT25209 can be used in conjunction to the CT25203, the CT25205 and the CT25208 to implement a complete OPEN Alliance TC6 MACPHY.


  • Compliant to the OPEN Alliance TC6 Serial 10BASE-T1x MACPHY Interface specifications
  • Support for 8, 16, 32 and 64 bytes chunks
  • Support for both Store & Forward and Cut-Through operating mode
  • Protected and Unprotected control transactions
  • Transmit FCS verification


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