The CT25207, in combination with the CT25203, implements a complete OPEN Alliance TC14 10BASE-T1S PMD Interface. The IP’s tasks are:

  • perform the boot sequence and drive the platform outside the IP to do the proper startup sequence after POR and after WAKE request
  • recognize the encoded TX commands and keep updated the state of the PMD FSM after boot
  • drive the platform outside the IP to do the shutdown sequence to enter LOWPOWER mode
  • Filter ED and RX to fulfill the requirements of OPEN Alliance TC14 10BASE-T1S PMD I/F
  • detect collisions on the line when transmitting and signal them on ED pin
  • generate TX pulses for Topology Discovery with proper PRBS sequence
  • perform WUT validation for wake-up

The IP also includes a MDIO slave that allows access to Clause 22 PMD standard registers and to IP specific registers (both embedded in the IP) and to custom registers (to be placed outside the IP).


Compliant to:

  • OPEN Alliance TC14 10BASE-T1S PMD I/F
  • OPEN Alliance TC14 Interoperability Specifications
  • OPEN Alliance TC14 System Implementation
  • OPEN Alliance TC10 Wake Up detection
  • OPEN Alliance TC14 Topology discovery

Low Power consumption meeting OPEN Alliance TC10 requirement in sleep mode
VCC supply 3.3V supply (±10%)
VIO supply 2.5V or 3.3V (±10%)
Voltage and current references, test infrastructures, included
10MHz (±30%) and 210MHz (±8%) input clocks for operation (oscillators available upon request in the target silicon process)


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