The CT25205 Digital IP core provides the PMA, PCS, and PLCA Reconciliation Sublayer building blocks of a standard IEEE 802.3cg® 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Physical Layer.

The RTL code is written in plain Verilog 2005 HDL, and it is fully synthesizable on standard cells and FPGA systems. It works in conjunction with any standard IEEE CSMA/CD Clause 4 Ethernet MAC using MII.

The integrated PLCA RS allows existing MAC devices that do not support the new PLCA MII extensions to take advantage of the PLCA advanced features. On the other end, the PMA connects to a standard OPEN Alliance 10BASE-T1S PMD Interface.

The CT25205 can be used in conjunction to other analog and digital blocks like (a) the CT25203 to implement a complete physical layer ethernet device, (b) the CT25208 to implement a digital MACPHY and (c) the CT25203, the CT25208 and the CT25209 to implement a complete OPEN Alliance MACPHY.


  • Compliant to:
    • IEEE 802.3cg® specifications
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 PMD Transceiver INTERFACE
    • OPEN Alliance TC10 Sleep Wake Up
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 PLCA Diag
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 Interoperability Specifications
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 EMC Specifications
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 System Implementation
  • Compatibility with any Clause 4 compliant MAC
  • Optimized for very low latency and low TO_TIMER
  • Enhanced Noise Immunity PMA operation (ENI)
  • TX/RX SFD detection
  • False Carrier signaling over MII
  • Collision detection masking
  • PCS and PMA loopback mode
  • PCS remote jabber detection
  • PCS reflection mode
  • PLCA Precedence Mode
  • PLCA leader (coordinator) selection
  • Configurable PLCA Burst Mode
  • Optional MDIO Clause 22 slave module
  • Optional PLCA BEACON/COMMIT extensions over MII
  • Optional PCS “Unjab” timer support


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