The CT25203 implements the analog front end of an IEEE 802.3cg® 10BASE-T1S physical layer.

It can be used in conjunction to other analog and digital blocks like (a) the CT25205 to implement a complete physical layer ethernet device, (b) the CT25207 to implement a complete OPEN Alliance PMD Interface and (c) the CT25209, the CT25208 and the CT25205 to implement a complete OPEN Alliance MACPHY.

The CT25203 has been designed in GlobalFoundries 130n-BCD process but also successfully and timely ported in other BCD silicon process technologies.
Availability of a complete IEEE physical layer Test Chip vehicle (CT25205_TC) and Evaluation Boards.

The BCD process is required to meet all EMI directives to be used in the Automotive and Industrial environments.


  • Compliant to:
    • IEEE 802.3cg® specifications
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 Interoperability Specifications
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 EMC Specifications
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 System Implementation
  • One-fits-all Analog Macro for implementing:
    • IEEE 802.3cg® 10BASE-T1S Physical Layer
    • OPEN Alliance TC6 10BASE-T1S MACPHY
    • OPEN Alliance TC14 10BASE-T1S PMD I/F
  • Single min 3.3V supply
  • Low Power consumption meeting OPEN Alliance TC10 requirement in sleep mode
  • OPEN Alliance TC10 Wake Up detection
  • Voltage and current references, test infrastructures, included
  • Supply regulators, 25MHz XTAL and x4 (100MHz) DLL available upon request in the target silicon process.


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