CT20601 is a complete USB Type-C Interface which includes optional VCONN and VBUS management features. It implements the dual-role port CC1/CC2 interface including the disabled Voltage Clamp for dead-battery operations and the VCONN power-configurable switches, with over-current protections
The VBUS management (with optional 10bit AD Conversion) includes Force/Bleed discharge and power paths commands.

The digital section of the USB-C Interface:

  • Controls the CC lines of the USB Type-C connector
  • Controls the port role
  • Debounces VBUS and CC lines
  • Controls the port power role
  • Monitors levels on CC lines, selecting the comparators thresholds, for detecting connection/disconnection and termination changes.

CT20601 interfaces with the Host by means of a set of standardized registers which provides commands to control operations.


  • USB Power Delivery 3.1-certified
  • VCONN Management, including over-current protections
  • VBUS Management, including force/bleed discharge commands and power-path commands
  • No external components
  • Voltage and current references, test infrastructures, included


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