Video Trasmitters

High Speed Serializer and CML Driver

This is an example of high speed 10 bit-word serializer plus output CML driver.

The serializer converts a parallel 10-bit word, sampled at a speed of 320MSPS to a serial 3.2Gb/sec data stream. The data stream is then adjusted in voltage level and 50ohm terminated to allow proper CML type high speed communication.

Voltage and current references have been also generated internally.

For more information, 

  • Up to 3.2Gb/sec CML data rate,
  • Internal calibrated 50ohm termination,
  • 6bit programmable CML output level,
  • Low Speed sampling clock provided by the serializer,
  • Internal generated References
  • 50mA supply current
  • Silicon proven at 65nm and 40nm silicon process.
  • General purpose high speed output

  • Available to be designed according to tailored specifications and target process