ETA-TC0 - Ultra-Low Voltage Harvesting booster

ETA-TC0 platform is a set of silicon IPs specifically designed for ultra low voltage energy harvesting down to 20mV.
ETA-TC0 is Integrating the Ultra-Low Voltage booster Transistor and the Ultra Low Power Oscillator and Bandgap voltage reference IPs.
ETA-TC0 demonstrate the ability to extract, using a TEG on the body, the power needed to switch-on our Ultra Low Power Voltage and Time Reference.

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  • Harvesting Unit
    • Interface with Ultra Low Voltage Thermoelectric generators
  • Ultra Low Power Stand-By functions
    • RC Oscillator
    • Voltage Reference
  • Medical portable sensor
  • Wearable devices

  • Single IP deliverables
  • Evaluation board
  • ETA-IC samples
  • Application Notes
  • Guidelines

ETA TC0 clip