ETA - Universal Energy Harvesting System

ETA platform is the 1st set of silicon IPs specifically designed for energy harvesting, ultra low power and sensor based applications. Integrating harvesting block, dedicated power management, configurable analog front-end with ADC and programmable task manager, ETA is a unique solution in the market conceived to meet the most demanding and advanced performance needs in complex low energy budget applications.
Wherever a signal should be conditioned and monitored with stringent power consumption constraints, the ETA overcomes power budget limitations extracting useful energy from the environment sources and performing in the most efficient way repetitive and frequent tasks in complete autonomy.

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Project Supported by: Fondi Comunitari FESR nazionali e regionali nell'ambito del POR-CRO 2007-2012

  • Harvesting Unit
    • Interface with the most diffused environment energy sources (heat, light, vibration,magnetic)
    • Internal active rectifier
    • Wide and Dynamic impedance matching
  • Charge Monitor and Energy storage for external capacitor, supercap, solid state or chemical battery XTAL and RC low power oscillators
  • Dedicated Power Manager Unit
    • Low power LDOs and DCDC boost converters
    • Power domain management with scheduled enable commands
    • Dynamic Voltage scaling
  • Configurable Analog Front-End
    • Fully configurable amplifiers/filters
    • Analog Comparators with programmable thresholds
    • Signal Buffers
    • 8bit AD Converter with digital window comparators
  • Programmable Task Manager
    • Independent task modules
    • Highly configurable timers
    • Interrupt management unit
  • Digital interfaces
    • Configurable I/O pins
    • SPI interface to external host processor
    • PWM generators

Non-volatile configuration memory

  • Battery or Battery-less devices
  • Remote Sensors
  • Medical portable sensor
  • Industrial Wireless Sensing
  • Automatic Metering
  • Building Automation
  • Security and monitoring sensor
  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Single IP deliverables
  • Evaluation board
  • ETA-IC samples
  • Application Notes
  • Guidelines