E42 - Motor Control Platforms

E42 is a silicon proven IP platform specifically designed to meet the most stringent performances in power management and power driving. Developed in a dedicated High Voltage semiconductor process with the most advanced design methodologies, E42 offers flexible, programmable and robust solutions for a wide range of applications in the fields of industrial control, electrical vehicles, industrial automation, brushless motor control and power supply applications.

With E42 Platform, our customer can access the best technology to get a customized and proprietary semiconductor device in a safe and fast way.

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  • Max input Voltage 120V
  • HV->10V buck DCDC converter
  • 10V->5V buck DCDC converter
  • 3.3V and 1.8V LDOs
  • Protections
    • Temperature
    • Over Voltage
    • Under Voltage
  • 3 Half Bridge Drivers
    • Up to 4A
    • 5ns rising/fall time
  • 3 Sense Amplifiers for current control with external shunt
  • Buffer for Voltage Monitoring
  • Internal oscillator
  • Internal reference generation
  • SPI interface for programming and function control
  • E-Bike and EH vehicle
  • BLDC motor control
  • Industrial automation
  • Power Train
  • Single IP deliverables
  • E42 Evaluation board
  • E42 IP samples
  • Application Notes
  • ¬†Guidelines