High Efficiency Active Rectifier

CT21500 is an active rectifier able to deliver up to 20mA with an AC-DC conversion efficiency up to 98%
The input can accept 0.9V peak minimum AC input and up to 3.6V peak with a frequency up to 200KHz.
The component is optimized for ease of use and integration in complex SoCs.


Companion IPs

The following blocks can be directly interfaced and used in combination with the CT21500:

  • CT21102: MPPT programmable boost DCDC charger 
  • CT24101: Power switch with current limiter and battery monitor

For more information, 

  • Max Current 20mA 
  • AC Input Voltage 0.9V - 3.6V peak 
  • Efficiency up to 98% (typ conditions) 
  • Max operating frequency 200KHz 
  • Operative temp. from -10°C to 60°C
  • Low Power Portable and wearable devices
  • Embedded micro sensors
  • Energy Harvesting solutions
  • Silicon Proven 
  • OnSemi I3T25 
  • Easy portability