Ultra Low Power Active Diode

CT20700 is an ultra lower power IP, on development and targeting standard CMOS technologies.
CT20700 implements an analog low power switch that can be used to efficiently implement an active diode for ultra low power and energy harvesting devices.
The active diode sensing and control can be implemented through the CT23200 Low Power Comparator.


Companion IPs

The following blocks can be directly interfaced and used in combination with the CT20700:

CT23200: LP Voltage Comparator with programmable threshold 

For more information, 

  • 3.6V max voltage 
  • 8Ohm typical on resistance 
  • 10mA of maximum current 
  • Input Over Voltage Protection 
  • Two input control pin for improved flexibility
  • Ultra Low Power Devices
  • Energy Harvesting Devices
  • On Development 
  • Standard 0.35m CMOS
  • Easy portability