USB-PD Protocol Stack

CT26000 is a complete full featured and scalable Software protocol stack, implemented as C-Code, compliant to the USB Power Delivery R3 standard designed to work in bundle with the complete, full featured and scalable USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C PHY CT20602, for the development of Type-C Port Managers, single and multiport Type-C Port Controllers and USB-PD Complete Controllers.
The SW stack has been ported to different platforms like ARM-M0 and PIC32 and can be easily ported to others platforms too.
API to Bare Metal/RTOS layer as well as Application Host are available.
All the features of USB Power Delivery R3 are supported as dual role, role swap, power profile negotiation, firmware update, authentication, VDM messages and active cables communication.
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  • USB Power Delivery R3
  • Multi-Port managing
  • Easy Portable C-Code
  • SAL, HAL and NBA Interfaces
  • Bare Metal or RTOS Layer


  • USB Power Delivery Devices
  • PD hubs, HDDs and SSDs
  • Battery Chargers
  • USB Wall chargers
  • Type-C Applications
  • Video and Custom I/Fs


  • Compliant to the TCPM/TCPC specifications
  • USB Power Delivery R3 Compliant