Simplified Multidrop 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHY with MAC Controller for Intra-System applications

Since mid of 2017, Canova Tech is actively contributing within IEEE to the standardization of the 10BASE-T1S Short Reach, Multidrop Ethernet PHY for automotive applications (see http://www.ieee802.org/3/cg/index.html) with the aim to cover low bandwidth Multidrop Ethernet communication.
CT25207 is a physical layer plus a simplified MAC (MAC-PHY) for IEEE802.3cg for intra-system Ethernet communication. The MAC-PHY implements a simplified MAC supporting basic MAC functions (encapsulation, CRC, CSMA/CD). The analog physical block supports 10Mbit communication.
Communication requires a single pair of balanced conductors, enabling easy replacing of multiple legacy protocols with Ethernet taking advantage of lower costs and consolidating a homogeneous architecture. This permits to couple the advantages of Ethernet in terms of robustness, safety and standardization with a simple analog PHY with little external components, low pin count, small footprint.

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Pre-Order your batch of CT25205 test vehicle IC within Dec. 15th, 2019!

  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3cg Short Reach, Multidrop (latest standard release)
  • DMA interface to HOST
  • Suitable to be synthesized on FPGA and integrated on Leading-Edge technology
  • Optional simplified Analog Front-End
  • Optional CT25205-derived full-featured external Analog Front-End for Automotive and Industrial applications
  • Intra-System communication
  • Networking Servers and Switches systems
  • FPGA synthesizable Soft-IP under design
  • Simplified A-PHY under design targeting leading-edge technologies