Multidrop 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHY IEEE 802.3cg Compliant

Canova Tech is actively contributing within IEEE to the standardization of the 10base-T1S Short Reach, Multidrop Ethernet PHY for automotive applications with the aim to cover low bandwidth Multidrop Ethernet communication targeting convergence toward a single network type within the car.

CT25205 is a complete physical layer for IEEE 802.3cg Short Reach Multidrop Ethernet communication. It consists of an analogue hard macro and an RTL code for the digital, including PMA, PCS, MII and MDIO register functionality.

It includes all mandatory features of IEEE 802.3cg Short Reach including new PLCA feature to achieve deterministic performance over multidrop networks compared to standard CSMA/CD.

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Pre-Order your batch of CT25205 test vehicle IC within Mar. 5th, 2021!

  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3cg Short Reach, Multidrop (latest standard release)
  • Designed to be compliant to EMI and EMC Automotive and Industrial requirements
  • Reduced number of external¬†components
  • Standard 130nm (or lower) CMOS-BCD techno
  • Automotive networking
  • Industrial in-cabinet networking
  • Silicon-proven
  • fully qualified, including EMC requirements
  • Easy portability