100BASE-T1 (OABR) Ethernet PHY IEEE 802.3bw Compliant

CT25204 is a complete physical layer for Open Alliance BroadR-Reach® and IEEE 802.3bw Ethernet communication within the car.

It consists of an analog hard macro and an RTL code for the digital, including PMA, PCS, MII and MDIO register functionality.

It includes all the feature of Open Alliance BroadR-Reach® and IEEE 802.3bw including link status and quality monitor.

Link training time is controlled well below the limits imposed by the standard even in noisy environment.

The detection of open/short circuit on the line with accurate distance-to-fault reporting is implemented on the PHY.

Clock is generated with an internal VCXO or can be externally provided.

It uses a few of external components.

IEEE 1588 PTP is supported.

The IP can be interfaced with standard MAC Controller via MII/RMII Interface.

 Canova Tech is BroadR-Reach® licensed by Broadcom Corporation.

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  • OABR V3.2 Compliant
  • IEEE 802.3bw Compliant
  • IEEE 1588 PTP Supported
  • Reduced number of external components
  • Standard 180nm (or lower) CMOS techno with 3.3V Gate Oxide option
  • Proof of concept is certified by UNH IOL (InterOperability Laboratory)
  • Automotive networking
  • ECU
  • Rear camera
  • AVB devices (w/ IEEE 1588 PTP support implemented)
  • Proof of concept available and tested at  certified standard compliant Lab (UNH)
  • Silicon-proven in 180nm silicon process
  • Easy portability