LP Comparator with Programmable Threshold

CT23200 is an low power analog offset compensated switched capacitor comparator with programmable 8 bit ratio metric threshold.
The CT23200 has been designed to have 4 analog inputs: a programmable mux selects the analog signal to be compared.
The component is optimized for ease of use and integration in complex SoCs.

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  • Supply voltage 2.5V 
  • Current Consumption 215nA (typ) 
  • Threshold resolution 8bits 
  • Sensitivity ±2.5mV (typ) 
  • Operative temp. from -10°C to 60°C
  • Portable devices 
  • Ultra low power sensors 
  • Energy Harvesting circuitry
  • Medical implantable devices
  • Silicon Proven 
  • OnSemi I3T25
  • Easy portability