14b-10MSps Cal-SAR ADC

CT22403 is a 14-bit 10 Ms/s Analog to Digital converter.
It is implemented with SAR architecture and offline calibration.
With 15mA total current consumption the Figure of merit of the ADC is 300 fJ/step, that is at the state of the art for its frequency sampling range.
The calibration time at maximum clockfrequency is less than 20 us.
  • Single Ended Input
  • Max sample rate: 10 Msps
  • INL = ±2 LSB
  • DNL = ±1 LSB (no missing codes)
  • Internal Buffers for Reference Voltages
  • 15mA supply current
  • Industrial process control
  • Sensor measurement
  • Power supply monitoring
  • Architecture Ready
  • Datasheet