8b-500Sps Cyclic ADC

The CT22301 is a silicon proven ultra low power AD converter performing 8 Bit resolution conversion up to 1Ksps.

The CT22301 implements a Cyclic architecture specifically designed for ultra low power conversion in power-critical applications.

  • 8 bits, 1Ksps SAR AD Converter 
  • 3V Power Supply (2V min) 
  • 0.4V-1.2V Input range 
  • Sys Clock:
    • 8KHz for 1Ksps
    • 4KHz for 512sps 
  • 0.75 INL at full speed 
  • Power Consumption:
    • 1.1uA at 1Ksps
    • 750nA at 512sps
  • Portable devices 
  • Ultra low power sensors 
  • Medical implantable devices
  • Silicon Proven on 0.35u HV-CMOS
  • Datasheet
  • Integration guidelines
  • Test Specifications
  • GDS2 and LVS Netlist
  • Footprint (.LEF)