8b-10MSps Pipeline ADC

CT22104 is a silicon proven low power analog-to-digital converter with an optional selection of 2 input muxes available and 2 operative modes.

The ADC is a 8-bit pipeline architecture,

delivering 7 effective number of bits (ENOB) and a peak current of 1mA@2MSps

  • 8 bits, 2MSPS pipeline AD Converter
  • 2.5V Power Supply
  • 2 single-ended input with simultaneous S&H.
  • Two modes of operation
  • 7 bits ENOB at full speed
  • Current/Sample Rate of 1mA@2MSps
  • Internal references from supply voltage
  • Pixel Sensors readout
  • Baseband Telecom
  • Silicon Proven on 0.25u CMOS
  • Datasheet
  • Integration guidelines
  • Test Specifications
  • GDS2 and LVS Netlist
  • Footprint (.LEF)