eUSB Repeater

CT20603 IP implements a dual-role capable eUSB2 repeater enabling an eUSB2 PHY in SOCs to support connections with USB2.0 compliant hosts and peripherals (hubs, HDDs and SDDs, …). It works with an eUSB2 PHY in SOCs in order to support Host, Peripheral or Dual Role Repeater modes. This enables communication between SOCs realized in highly scaled LV processes lacking 3.3V support with the plethora of standard USB2.0 devices.
Packets are forwarded between eD+/eD- and D+/D- preserving timings required by the eUSB2 and USB2.0 specifications.
The analog blocks of the CT20603 implement a half-duplex non-linear redriver, controlled by a two-level state machine that handles Port Reset and Repeater Configuration.

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  • eUSB2 Repeater
  • Compliant to USB2.0 Specifications and eUSB2 PHY Supplement
  • USB2.0 low-speed, full-speed and high-speed support
  • Enables out-of-the-box-USB2.0 connectivity to eUSB2 capable devices realized in highly scaled LV processes
  • Dual role capable: can be configured either as host repeater or a peripheral repeater
  • Intra-System USB communication
  • Handheld devices
  • Interface to mass-storage devices
  • Silicon IP Under Design
  • Standard CMOS with 3.3V Gate Oxide option