MCU-Less VCONN Powered Devices Interface

CT20602_VPD is a complete IP to provide the USB Type-C and Power Delivery functionality for a configurable VCONN Powered Device (VPD) application, designed according to the USB-PD R3 Specifications.
The control circuit enables communication with source on SOP Primes (SOP’) messaging and manages Ra disconnection.
It is able to support Type-C Active Cables using the relevant Protocol Stack under development.
The complete solution can be assembled on the CT20602_EVB Evaluation System by leveraging on the Silicon-Proven and System-Certified solution based on the CT20602 IP, the complete USB Type-C PHY developed by Canova Tech.

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  • CT20602 USB-PD PHY (subset)
  • Ra and Ultra Low Power Control Circuit
  • Auxiliary Cells
  • Protocol Stack on RTL (MCU-less)
  • Dedicated custom design to meet customer-specific requirements
  • VCONN Powered Devices (VPDs)
  • Type-C Active Cables
  • Silicon Proven Analog PHY on 150nm- and 180nm-5VGOx process
  • Protocol Stack under development
  • Entire Solution is Compliant to USB-PD R3