High Voltage TCPC

CT20602_HVTCPC is a complete High Voltage Type-C Port Controller designed according to the TCPC Specifications.
It perform, among other Specified TCPC functions, all required VBUS Monitoring and Discharge control with integrated HV circuits.
The complete solution has been assembled on the CT20602_EVB Evaluation System by leveraging on the Silicon-Proven and System-Certified solution based on the CT20602_AHM IP, Analog Section of the USB-PD PHY and the CT20602_RTL IP, Digital Section of the PHY.
The CT26000 Protocol Stack is the companion IP to make an entire Port Controller + Port Manager function.
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  • CT20602_AHM Analog PHY
  • CT20602_RTL Digital PHY plus TCPC Spec Compliant Registers and I2C Interface to Port Manager
  • 10bits ADC for VBUS Monitoring
  • Integrated HV VBUS Bleed/Strong Discharge circuits
  • Dedicated VBUS Switch IOs
  • Dedicated custom design to meet customer-specific requirements


  • Type-C Port Manager Companion


  • Silicon Proven Analog PHY on 180nm-5VGOx process
  • Complete HV-TCPC under development on 250nm-5VGOx + HV process
  • Entire Solution is Compliant to TCPC Specifications  R1
  • TCPC Specifications  R2 Upgrades available soon