USB-PD Evaluation System

CT20602_EVB is a flexible and complete system that helps our IP Customers in evaluating, developing, and demonstrating  different types of Products compliant to the USB Power Delivery R3 and USB Type-C V1 Standards.
CT20602_EVB is based on:

  • The CT20602 IP, a complete, full featured and scalable USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C PHY,
  • The CT26000, USB-PD/USB-C Protocol Stack that runs in an ARM-M0 Microcontroller,
  • The High-Level commands are driven by an external PC that runs an Application SW,
  • a discrete Power Management Unit generates different Power Profiles to the VBUS on the Type-C,
  • The CT20602_EVB has been designed to work with an High Speed Mux Board  that manages the High Speed signals of the DisplayPort and USB-SS.

The design modularity of the CT20602_EVB allows  a quick redefinition of the partition and the integration of customer-specific modules like dedicated MCUs (external part or embedded in the FPGA), customer’s PMUs and High-Speed Muxes/Redrivers.
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  • USB Power Delivery R3.0 v1.1 and USB Type-C v1.1
  • Type-C Interface
  • BMC Transceiver
  • Alternate Modes-Ready
  • FPGA for digital implementation
  • On Board /Custom Power Manager


  • Development, Evaluation and Demonstration of USB Power Delivery / USB Type-C Products based upon Canova Tech’s CT20602 and CT26000 IPs


  • USB Power Delivery R2 and R3 Compliant