CT20602_AHM is the Analog Section of a complete, full featured and scalable USB Power Delivery and USB Type-C PHY designed to work in bundle with the Digital Section of the PHY CT20602_RTL to develop Type-C Port Controllers (TCPC), USB-PD Complete Controllers or custom controllers for Active Cables or USB-C embedded functions.
The CT20602_AHM has been implemented, completely characterized and qualified by means of a Test Chip in 180nm CMOS process with 5V Gate Oxide Option (now embedded in the CT20602_EVB Evaluation System).
CT20602_AHM integrated the Voltage and Current references as necessary to the circuit to fully comply with the Standards.
The IP has been designed with a very high degree of modularity thus enabling our customers to purchase it in bundle, customize it for the specific application or as separate IP blocks.
The IP has been designed in order to allow fast-track porting to other geometries and processes. Porting on 3.3V process technologies requires 5V overdrive NMOS and PMOS immunity as well as dedicated ESD structures. 
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  • USB Power Delivery Transceiver
  • optional Fast Role Swap Transceiver (available soon)
  • Type-C Front-End
  • VConn Switch (configurable Power capability) with OverCurrent Protection
  • VBUS Monitor (Programmable THR Comparator or TCPC 10bits ADC)
  • Dead Battery Support
  • USB-PD Controllers
  • Type-C Port Controller
  • Type-C Active Cables
  • USB Type-C devices 


  • Silicon-Proven on 180nm-5V Gate Oxide Process
  • Fast-track porting to other geometries and processes
  • Compliant to USB-PD R2 Standard
  • USB Power Delivery R3 Upgrades available soon