Ultra-Low Stand-by Time/Voltage Reference

CT20601 is an ultra-low stand-by current time and voltage reference.
With only one external capacitor of 1uF, the CT20601 generates a precise voltage reference of 1,19V and a clock of 400Hz.
The Voltage Reference is based on a silicon proven CT20106 band-gap IP block that, by means of the coupled oscillator, is switched  on/off with a certain duty-cycle that’s dependent on the maximum ripple sustainable by the application. 3 trimming bits are needed in order to minimise the temperature drift.
The Oscillator has an internal high-ohmic calibrated resistors that allows the clock frequency to remain within an accuracy of 1% with a total temperature drift of 300pmm.
The Supply voltage can be as low as 1.5V.

For more information, 

  • Time Reference 
    • Nominal frequency f0 = 400Hz; 
    • Total current consumption 10nA; 
    • 7 bits Fab trimming 
    • Frequency Precision: 
    • 1% trimmed 
    • Clock drift 300ppm [-40, +85C]  
  • Voltage Reference 
    • Nominal voltage Vref = 1.19V; 
    • Total current consumption 10nA 
    • With 1% ON/OFF cycle 
    • 3 bits Fab trimming
  • Low Power Handled Portable Device 
  • Embedded micro sensors 
  • Energy Harvesting circuitry
  • On Development 
  • Standard CMOS / analog options
  • Easy portability