FSK USB Power Delivery PHY and Controller

CT20600 is a complete solution for the old USB Power Delivery v1.3 standard.

It consists of a physical layer based on an analog hard macro and a specific RTL for digital blocks and a full featured USB-PD controller implemented in software.

The upper layers of the standard are implemented in Software. Standard C-coding permits easy porting and system flexibility: it can run in an integrated soft core or in an external standard microcontroller. To relax the performances of the microcontroller, the most demanding tasks are implemented digitally in the physical layer.

Combined with an external power supply, the CT20600 permits to negotiate up to 100W over the USB cable (VBUS). The CT20600 is a full USB-PD device, allowing all the feature of the USB-PD v1.3. like role swap, power profile negotiation and cable detect.

The CT20600 can be easily ported to different M/S technologies and integrated in complex chips to maximum system integration.



A dedicated board is available to evaluate our solution and to start the system development. The actual version v1.0 of the Evaluation Board is delivered with a silicon implementation of the CT20600 USB Power Delivery PHY and with a standard microcontroller implementing the SW layers of the USB Power Delivery protocol. It comes with an onboard simplified power manager able to deliver voltages and power for system evaluations.

For more information, 

  • USB Power Delivery v1.3 Compliant
  • Analog PHY implements CMOS FSK Transceiver
  • RX squelch detector and Cable Detection circuit
  • Standard M/S CMOS techno
  • RTL of digital blocks
  • C-code stack for the upper layers
  • easy portability to soft-core or std microcontroller
  • easy integration with application specific SW


  • USB Power Delivery Devices
  • PD hubs, HDDs and SSDs
  • USB Wall chargers


  • Datasheet
  • GDS2 and LVS Netlist
  • Footprint (.LEF)
  • HDL models
  • RTL netlist
  • Software C code
  • Test Specifications
  • HW and SW Integration guidelines