Ultra Low Power Battery V/I Monitor

The CT20500 is a silicon proven ultra low power Voltage and Current battery monitor for energy critical analog and mixed-signal designs.
With an integrate resistive divider, the CT20500 outputs the battery Voltage. With an external shunt resistor and an integrated differential switch capacitor amplifier permits to sense the current from the battery. The PD power-down switches off the block for power saving.
The component is optimized for ease of use and integration in complex SoCs.

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  • 3V Power Supply (2V min)
  • Voltage generator
    • Integrated resistor Divider
    • Power Consumption 400nA 
  • Current Monitor
    • External shut resistor
    • Integrated Differential Switch Cap Amplifier
    • 2Khz Clock Input
    • Power Consumption 300nA 
  • Power Down Control
  • Low Power Handled Portable Device 
  • Embedded micro sensors 
  • Energy Harvesting circuitry
  • Medical implantable devices
  • Silicon Proven 
  • AMS 0.35um CMOS
  • Easy portability