Low Power 32KHz XTAL Oscillator with AGC

CT20107 is a 32KHz XTAL oscillator specifically designed for ultra low power applications. To grant best power consumption With an external quartz resonator it delivers . It’s implemented by a Pierce oscillator topology with Automatic Gain Control; it has been designed for portable devices where the low power consumption is needed.
The component is optimized for ease of use and integration in complex SoCs

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  • Nominal frequency f0 = 32.768kHz;
  • Total current consumption < 130nA;
  • Automatic gain control circuit (AGC);
  • Digital output with rise/fall times <100ns;
  • Supply voltage 1.8V nominal;
  • Operative temp. from -10°C to 60°C;
  • Low Power Portable and wearable devices
  • Embedded micro sensors
  • Energy Harvesting solutions
  • Medical implantable devices